Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spring has sprung!

We're starting to get some glorious spring days in Seattle at last! A walk around our Capitol Hill neighborhood takes you past cherry blossoms, camellias and azaleas battling it out like ladies' hats in an old-time Easter parade.

What a shame that the average B&B owner or innkeeper has so little time to enjoy it all! As reliable as the arrival of the blossoms is the onset of the busy season for us-- case in point, the opening of our three new third-floor rooms yesterday heralded by a completely full house. It amazes me that with a 60% increase in capacity we're still having to turn down many reservations.

So yes, we're busy, but don't think we're not grateful! With so many people in so many lines of work, including hospitality, struggling to get by, we appreciate the ongoing support of our guests and we promise to keep working hard to earn it. All we ask is that you try to plan far enough ahead so you're not one of those we so reluctantly turn away!



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